Exporting / Importing


Exporting Data

You can export your data to make backups, to make changes in bulk, or to upload your product information to a third party. Bigcommerce allows you to export the following data:

You can opt to export only specific data by creating a custom export template.

1. Go to the Export page for the type of data you'd like to export. For example, for Products, go to Products ›Export.

  • Products – Products › Export
  • Product SKUs – Products › Export SKUs
  • Orders – Orders › Export
  • Customers – Customers › Export

2. Select your export template. We recommend using Bulk Edit for Products and Customers, or Default for Orders. If you created a custom export template, select it on this step.

3. In the pop-up, click Export my [data] to a CSV fileIf you need to export an XML file, select Export to an XML Fileafter selecting your template.

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